This will undoubtedly go down as one of the most memorable stories in your life. This is Paul Alexander, who had an iron lung while alive. He enjoyed a wealthy and healthy life during his entire existence. Today, the 76-year-old patient is one of the very few people left in the world who needs the help of this breathing apparatus. This device from 1928 ended up being his rescue. In addition, he says that his life was wonderful and that he made the most of every chance.

His childhood was the point at which everything began. He had told his mother that he was not breathing properly and not feeling well. After that, he was admitted to the hospital. His life was suddenly going in a completely new direction. He and his family made their home in the Lone Star State. Paul recalls that his mother gave him a tight hug and was visibly upset. His health was getting steadily worse. He was receiving treatment in the hospital, and his health was critical at the time. It was also becoming harder for him to breathe.

During this time, the disease was accompanied by other symptoms, and the man with an iron lung did not feel well.

He was no longer able to swallow properly. The poliomyelitis virus infected a large number of people. The majority of patients experienced not just paralysis but also fever, shortness of breath, and muscle pain.


Because of this, Paul’s family was under the impression that he had passed away. He could not move, so the doctors gave him an iron lung to help him breathe. Paul was not the first person in the world to have an iron lung, but he is among the few who still do.

He had the impression that it was over. He found that period to be quite scary. Patients could have regular breathing while using this iron lung, and they were unaware of its presence. Paul’s lungs were damaged as a result of the virus. The physicians also confirmed that he had recently died.

However, he was able to live through it. He was cured, but he had to put an iron lung in place to breathe; thus, he had to stay in the hospital. He put a lot of effort into his studies and was rewarded with entry to Southern Methodist University.

However, for him to be admitted to the school, the vaccine against this virus must first be given to him. He progressed to become an excellent student. Furthermore, he continued his career in the court system.

In addition to this, Paul started working on his book. He is one of the lucky people who managed to beat this sickness. He never gave up, and as a result, he could live. This is a story of optimism and a compelling argument for the reality of miracles. Paul battled hard and claimed he lived a good life despite having iron lungs.

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