“In the ninth month, my baby died in my womb.” The doctors said they had to remove him immediately and had an emergency cesarean section. After they cut me and saw what they took out, a grave silence was left in the operating room… My husband and I were shocked when I understood what was happening.”

When a couple finds out they will be parents, they are delighted and look forward to the next stage of their lives because becoming parents is what most couples’ dreams consist of doing.

A North American couple named Jocelyn and Ignacio Robertson were about to start their new role as parents for the first time. Soon after Jocelyn and her husband tied the knot, she discovered she was pregnant.

The pregnancy was uneventful, and each ultrasound revealed that the baby was developing normally and per my expectations. Jocelyn became aware that she was bleeding a few days before doctors said she would give birth.


As her concern for the baby’s well-being grew, she quickly called her husband and asked him to come home as soon as possible. He took her to the hospital as soon as possible, but they were met with shocking news when they arrived. There was no sign of a heartbeat coming from the baby. They sought a second opinion because they could not believe what they had been told, but the results were the same either way. In the ninth month of the mother’s pregnancy, the unborn baby passes away while still in the womb.

After that, Jocelyn was forced into having a c-section performed. She was extremely upset and struggled to come to terms with the truth of the situation. However, a surprising turn of events ensued after that. Something that the medical world hailed as a miracle

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For the first time after the baby was born, his parents could hear him breathing. The baby was sent to the neonatal intensive care unit within a matter of minutes, and once there, all his breathing and heartbeats showed further signs of recovery.

The happy parents, upon first taking their newborn child into their arms, said,

“We just became aware of it at that time.” It is a miracle that Noah is here, and I will be eternally grateful.”

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Just a few days later, his mother and father were finally allowed to take him back to their home.

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