What steps would you take if the life of your pet was in danger? If it meant keeping their best friend alive, people have scraped together the funds to pay off even the most costly vet bills. For many people, there is no limit when it comes to having a pet.

Recently, a guy was forced to pay an enormous $20,000 to the vet to rescue his much-loved dog, and he was prepared to sell his home to pay for it. But, instead of that, thank goodness, a miracle occurred.

Jaxon Feeley, who resides in Wigan, England, is the owner of a Weimaraner named Rambo, who is two years old. Earlier this month, Mr. Feeley went through the worst nightmare conceivable for a dog owner when his young puppy unexpectedly became very sick.

“She began vomiting throughout the night over 30 times, and by Saturday morning, we were in the emergency vets,”

In addition to having gastroenteritis, Rambo had gone into a condition of hypovolemic shock.



Even though the dog’s health improved in the end, she was kept for a long time, which caused the cost of her medical care to go up a lot.

“Rambo’s insurance has covered her up to £6500.” Feeley wrote that her bill is now up to £11,500 after one week in care,” Feeley wrote. “It is unknown how long Rambo will need to stay at the vet, and intensive care costs are approximately £1000 per day. “If the worst happens and Rambo requires major surgery, the cost of this and the aftercare is something I need to be able to give my baby girl.”

Even though the expense is high, Feeley has said he is willing to do whatever it takes to give his much-loved adult dog the hospital treatment she needs. This involves selling his own home to obtain the necessary funds.

“There was no way in hell I was ever going to give up on this gorgeous girl; she is just a baby with a want to live and be happy with her big brother Rocky and the Feeleys,” the owner wrote.

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Thankfully, he didn’t have to since strangers were kind enough to help him. He explained Rambo’s tale on a GoFundMe account that he put up, and many people were inspired to give.

It earned more money than Feeley could have ever hoped for: as of this writing, the fundraiser had produced over $25,000, which is more than twice as much as the original target of $10,000.

Even better news came from Feeley: Rambo’s health improved to the point that she was eventually discharged from the hospital and allowed to go home, as he wrote in an update on February 4th.

“Over the last three days, Rambo has pulled off a miracle; hour by hour, she has increased her oxygen efficiency, started eating and drinking, her lungs are slowly recovering, and we started to see that beautiful little personality resurface. She got into such a little routine of seeing me for 10 minutes every 4 hours that she even knew what corner of the waiting room to find me in.”

Feeley and Rambo are now home together, and thanks to the kind donations of strangers, they’ll be able to afford any care Rambo needs.

“There are no words to express my gratitude for everyone’s love, support, and donations over the last two weeks. “It genuinely means more than you will ever know,” he wrote.

It’s a well-known fact that people can go to any length for their animals, but it’s quite amazing to see how desperate one owner was to keep his dog alive.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who stopped by and contributed to Rambo’s cause. Could you please tell everyone about this amazing story?

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