Wild Animals Are Also Adorable And Friendly!

German-born photographer Sasan Amir, 27, frequently travels to the African Savannah. Together with local wildlife representatives, he captures beautiful images and videos.

He experienced a very strange story recently when he returned to South Africa. He was taken aback by what he unexpectedly saw as he kept an eye on Savannah for photography. He started slowly standing up after becoming alarmed when he saw the wild cheetah approaching him.

Cheetah again drew nearer to Sasan and sat beside him while rubbing his head. He repeatedly kissed Sasan to express his love for her. Cheetah even consented to be stroked and hugged.


Sasan Shares: “I Saw That He Wanted To Talk. He Even Started Petting Like A Cat.” His realization of what had happened took a few minutes.

The cheetah was not starving at the time, which is good. If not, perhaps he is accustomed to people.

However, he was astonished and relieved that the cheetah spared his life. How fortunate the photographer is!

According To, Lexnau

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