Last week, Alexander Akopov saved a commercial aircraft from disaster by making a blind landing after an unexpected hailstorm had severely damaged it.

The Atlasglobal Airline pilot was flying a plane with 121 passengers and six crew members from Istanbul to Ecran, Cyprus, when it ran into a storm that the weather radar had missed.

The hail beat the plane’s nose into a pulp, which also broke the windscreen. The autopilot of the aircraft ceased responding, which made circumstances worse.

(image source; Facebook/Oleg Lungul)

Even though all pilots receive training in instrument flight, very few have had to employ these abilities in such challenging situations.


At Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, Akopov safely reversed the aircraft and landed immediately. As a result of his home country’s admiration, the president of Ukraine got in touch with Akopov to present him with the Ukrainian Order of Courage.

Look at that amazing landing he made.


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