This poor animal must have had more than a couple of pounds of fur since she was completely covered in it. It was an extreme case of ignoring responsibilities. Even though the cat’s owner had reached old age and passed away, she had ignored the animal for a long time.

Her coat was so matted that it looked almost like dreadlocks. The cat was in such poor health condition.

It appears as though the cat had a very challenging life. There is so much darkness that we cannot even make out her paws or legs. Jenn was the one who took care of the cat, and she was the one who removed the fur.


With all that weight on her back, it appeared like she should have been in a science fiction movie.

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Late in 2016, an animal rights activist came upon a stray cat that had been abandoned and had not been cared for. Because its fur was so matted, it had taken on the look of dreadlocks. After that, the rescue team worked extra hours to shave off two pounds of fur from the animal. After the cat’s owner, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, moved into a nursing facility, the cat’s condition began to deteriorate and finally reached this point. Pictures of the poor cat’s condition were published on the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center website in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The center stated, “This poor cat was brought to our clinic yesterday after her elderly had to move to a nursing home. She suffered from severe matting, which had been neglected for years. Our medical team shaved off the pounds of matted fur from her body, and needless to say, this cat is feeling so much better now!” The cat, Hidey, was rescued by Paul Russell, a distant relative of the cat’s owner. Russel rescued another cat after the older man became too sick to care for his cats.

Animal rescuers discovered the cat with huge matted fur that resembled dreadlocks.

Russel said, “When they put him in the nursing home, I thought, ‘Hey, he has a cat.’ The house was still open, so I went down and left some food for the car until we figured out what we would do. Then somebody mentioned that he had a second cat. So I started searching around, and suddenly this huge creature darts out from under the bed and runs down to the cellar, and I thought, ‘What was that?’ At first, I thought it was a cat with a blanket draped over her that she dragged down. But now- it turned out to be Hidey. She hid down in the corner of the cellar. I’m down there with a flashlight looking- it was almost like a horror movie. And I found her crouching in the corner. Probably very scared. Probably in a lot of pain.”

When workers involved in animal rescue spotted the cat, they couldn’t believe how matted the cat’s fur had become over the previous few years. They thought this happened because the cat had accumulated so much weight that she could not properly groom herself. When the workers decided to shave off her dreadlocks, they put her under anesthesia to ensure their safety. In a statement released by the shelter, it was stated:

“She will be cared for by a distant relative of her previous owner and finally have a chance at a happy and healthy life. Please remember to not only check on the elderly in your community but also on their animals to prevent such instances from happening in the future.”        

We animal lovers find it difficult to understand that there are so many cases of neglect worldwide.

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