Jupiter, The RefúgioVilla Lorena, Was Where The Lion Spent Most Of His Time. This stunning lion, which had initially traveled from Colombia, is now a well-known animal. This location truly is a heaven on earth for any animals that want to call it home.

Lions are generally not recognized for their emotional relationships with their human or animal counterparts; nevertheless, one lion in Columbia was mainly linked with a woman for nearly two decades. This connection lasted the entire time the lion lived in Columbia.

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This shelter gets a large number of animals that are in distress. She strives to provide them with the best life she can, despite their conditions being unrealistic. By Ana Julia Torres

In addition to lions, Anna Julia is also responsible for caring for other zoo animals.


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This shelter is home to close to 800 different animals. Everyone in this room has lived a challenging life, and the results are unfortunately clear to us now. Anna Julia almost certainly prays to Jupiter regularly.

Because of the painful and upsetting series of events that had occurred in the past, this wonderful and unique individual could no longer place their trust in any other person. Even though he was terrified, he could get one over on Anna Julia.

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On the other hand, Anna eventually decided to transfer the lion to the Los Camanes Zoo in Monteria. It didn’t take long for this lion to show signs of illness after being removed from the sanctuary.

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At the California Zoo, he was receiving medical care. They never left his side, always offering support through medication, food, and other items. On the other hand, his condition began to deteriorate on a day-to-day basis, and he started experiencing a variety of diseases.

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He was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and anemia shortly after, and he passed away soon after. On the other hand, he was allowed to see him again in the form of his loving caretaker, Anna Julia.

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Jupiter has been gone for two years but will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Because of this, Jupiter could not trust humans and eventually developed a phobia of interacting with them.

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This fear was entirely removed due to Anna Julia’s compassion for him.

The lion and the woman embraced one another in a warm embrace. These unfortunate events were so upsetting to everyone there that they brought them to tears.

After going through so much pain, may this beautiful lion rest in peace, and a heartfelt thank you goes out to the woman who cared for him and supported him till the very end.

We thank God for the kind people who put forth so much effort to save them.

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