She was raped when she was 17, yet she chose not to have an abortion: In the intervening 28 years, her kid has become the most famous star in the world; you won’t believe who he turned out to be.

Even though the name Pattie Mallette might not be identifiable to some people, she is the mother of one of the most successful and well-known pop singers of the modern era, Justin Bieber.

Mallette’s life has been full of hardship up to this point. She became a mother at 17 and continues to play a crucial role in Justin Bieber’s life to this day.

Mallette opened up about her difficult childhood in her book “Nowhere but Up The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom,” published in 2013. In the book, she revealed that while she was growing up, she had been the victim of sexual abuse on multiple occasions by various people.


A babysitter and a friend’s grandfather sexually abused her as a child.

I was sexually violated so often that as the years went by, it began to feel normal,” she wrote. “It’s a strange marriageโ€”knowing something is wrong yet at the same time finding it familiar and commonplace.”

Unfortunately, Mallette’s struggles with drug abuse and alcoholism started due to these experiences when she was still a teenager. “I’ve learned it’s normal and natural for anybody who’s been through sexual abuse to carry that shame and that blame and feel like there’s something wrong with you,” she said on the Today Show. “So I carried that.”

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Mallette had a suicide attempt when she was 17 years old. Because of this, she was admitted to a mental health facility, and it was only a few short months after she was released that she found out she was expecting a baby. Since she was 15 years old, she has had a romantic connection with the man who is now the father of her child, Jeremy Bieber. However, their relationship has been very on-and-off throughout the years. She was engaged in petty theft and even sold drugs, but eventually, she turned her life around.

On March 1st, 1994, she gave birth to Justin Bieber in London, in the Ontario region.

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Even though she was a single mother, she devoted her entire life to raising her son. Because Mallette was aware that her kid possessed a great deal of potential for singing, she entered him in the Stratford Star talent competition in 2007. There, he performed a cover of Ne-song Yo’s “So Sick,” and he ended up coming in second place.

Mallette uploaded videos of her son Justin singing to YouTube so her family and friends could watch him perform. It was on YouTube that an influential person first took note of Justin’s singing talent. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Mallette is a producer, in addition to having written a book that was number 17 on the New York Times list of best-selling books.

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Even though this woman did not have a traditional childhood, she successfully brought up her son appropriately and guided him toward a successful career.

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