All those present at this time can attest that the children of varying ages being honored here are heroes. The youngsters who make up “The Awesome Dozen” range in age from 6 to 12 years old, and they join together to have fun and engage in a very amusing activity. “Egg hunts” are frequently planned by them. They had gone out on a normal day to go “egg hunting,” and they heard a strange noise.

Nobody was prepared to see a chopper flying low over them. The youngsters were busy with their play and unaware of what was happening. The kids were suspicious when they observed a stranger running in their direction. The children were worried that something was wrong as they saw the man run into the woods.


The guy allegedly tried to elude the police and was believed to be hiding something. As the helicopter took off, it seemed that the police had already lost track. However, the kids felt that the police needed a little help. On account of this, they had a brilliant idea.

They made the shape of an arrow by lying down on the ground. This may be both a crazy and intelligent idea. A huge arrow is created and left lying on the ground. The children were saying something, which the police realized.

They had a feeling that the man was trying to hide something from the police and ran away from them at the same time. In addition, it would appear that the police had already lost track of the incident because the police helicopter was taking off. The children, however, believed that the police could use some help. Because of this, they had a rather excellent idea in their heads.

They aligned their bodies in the shape of an arrow by lying on the ground and doing so. This may be both a crazy and wonderful idea at the same time. They lay out a large arrow on the ground and create it. The police officers could figure out that the children were talking about something.

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The police got the message as the kids were pointing toward the helicopter. They go in the direction of the forest, where they finally catch the wanted criminal. For their help, the kids were thanked by the police. Everyone was in wonder at the kids’ creativity.

The police could figure out what this arrow was pointing to because the children did not attempt to move. After understanding that the criminal was running into the forest, the police went to the area where the arrow was pointed. For their talents and help, the little children were thanked by everyone.

Much more is shown in the story. Nobody succeeds in this world by himself; nevertheless, when people work together to tackle issues, the results may be amazing. In this tale, the youngster works together to solve the crime and give help to the police. Any child has the potential to be just like them.

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