The family dog, a pit bull mix, jumped on top of the boy, who was ten years old, and bit him on the head and hands as he was in the bathtub. When the mother entered the bathroom and saw the entire issue, she immediately dialed the emergency services number.

It’s amazing how animals can tell when someone is in danger by looking at them. This is especially true for dogs, who can pick up on even the minutest changes in the attitude of their owners and other people in their physical surroundings. Because of this, these lovely creatures would make great service animals that help people with different disabilities.

When one family decided to give their stray puppy, Joy, a lifelong home, they had no idea this would be the best choice they’d ever made.

Joy, who had previously been saved from a shelter, paid it back by saving the life of one of the family members.


To be more precise, the family’s children, Emily, age 6, and Jonas, age 10, have developed such a strong love for Joy that they do everything together. From going on day outings like hiking and long walks to staying the night in the same bed,

One day, Jonas told his mother that he was going to use the upstairs bathroom to take a bath while the rest of the family remained in the backyard.

Suddenly, the mother became aware of strange noises coming from the home. Concerned that something might have happened to her son, she went upstairs and found Jonas asleep with his feet dangling over the bathtub’s edge. Joy was pulling at Jonas’s feet and hair to free him from the situation.

Jonah suffered a heart attack and fell unconscious in the bathtub. After Joy learned something was wrong, she immediately ran into the bathroom.

Luckily, thanks to Joy, Jonas didn’t drown. He was brought to a hospital, where he received medical care.

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“Without Joy, I wouldn’t want to consider what could happen to Jonas. Joy saved my boy’s life, and we will always be thankful. He will undoubtedly be rewarded with many steaks,” stated his mom.

Jonas has Joy to thank for his continued life in this world.

Our pet dogs have given us their very best. We are the most important thing in their entire world. We are the central focus of their love, as well as their faith and trust in one another. They do their work for us in return for scraps. It is certainly the most amazing offer any man has ever taken advantage of.

A person’s life was saved that day directly by Joy’s actions.

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