We frequently remark that all infants are adorable, and of course, we consider our children or grandkids the cutest.

However, when Jaqi Clements gave birth to her twin girls 11 years ago, everyone could see these twins were unique.

According to Daily Star, they were expected to become “the world’s most beautiful twins” even as infants.

Check out the girls’ current appearances in 2022, when they are 11 years old and working as influencers, actresses, and models!


Twin healthy children were born in June 2010 thanks to Jaqi Clements. The mother immediately loved them and gave them the names Ava Marie and Leah Rose.

She had no idea that just a few years later, they would be hailed as “the most beautiful girls in the world” or that they would be starting their modeling careers so soon!

These identical twin sisters have a certain quality that immediately causes others to fall in love with them.

Maybe it’s their lovely brows, golden blonde hair, and huge blue eyes, which are all combined.

Ava Marie and Leah Rose have undoubtedly matured into two extremely fairytale-like young women, regardless of how they came to be.

The twins’ Instagram following has grown to nearly 1.8 million in only a few years. Fortunately, they are using their influence on social media to support those in need and spread awareness of significant issues like organ donation.

The girls received so many requests that they had to open their modeling agency to ensure things went well when hiring them for photo shoots and other events.

After their mother created an Instagram account for them in 2017, Leah Rose and Ava Marie now have 1,8 million followers.

They have worked for companies including Target, Nike, Disney, Mattel, and Harpers Bazaar Brazil. ​

According to a blog post, mother Jaqi Clements claims her kids are “lovin’ every minute” despite their busy schedules with modeling, acting, and education.

“They loved to perform their dance routines in front of any audience. They loved to be the center of attention,” Jaqi said.

The girls have recently been designing their own apparel and accessories collections while also working. Together, they created the anticipated Levi’s xx Clements Twins Collection.

Amazing how beautiful these two sweethearts are. To witness not just one but two equally beautiful young girls is fascinating.

Many people today think that ladies are just interested in fashion modeling and designing. The Clemens twins love sports and have other interests, which is wholly incorrect.

They claim that they are not modeling 24 hours a day. In addition to swimming, they both currently LOVE volleyball.

Perhaps the athletes we see in these photos are a couple of up-and-coming sports stars.

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