A couple with mixed abilities is Noah and Alex.

Many individuals had terrible things to say about their relationship and believed Noah had a “disability fetish.”

When they made their pregnancy public, they encountered further criticism.

A stunning, healthy baby girl was delivered to Alex and Noah.

Through their love, Alex and Noah are a pair that defy expectations and tear down barriers. Alex is a disabled lady who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, a rare disease that impacts every area of her daily life.


The two disabled people connected after meeting on Bumble’s dating platform and immediately hit it off. They were still running strong more than a year later.

They revealed their first pregnancy together after dating for seven months. Alex acknowledged that being pregnant had not been easy, though, as she had to stop receiving her medication, which meant Noah had to take over as her full-time carer.

Although she is more physically independent when taking her medicine, the pair established a decent routine by setting clear boundaries.

Alex and Noah reflected on the early stages of their relationship and admitted that their family had doubts about it.

Because of his drug misuse history, Alex’s family did not instantly warm to Noah. Although he had previously attended rehab three times, he feels that the third time was the turning point in his ability to grasp the severity of his illness.


However, as Alex spent more time with Noah’s family, they began to accept her. On the other side, Noah’s family initially found it difficult to understand that he was dating a person with a disability.

Why Was the Couple Criticized?

Even though both families have learned to support the pair, they continue to get a lot of strange looks, “almost to the point where people break their necks,” according to Noah.

Alex was unfazed by the persistent looks, but Noah found them unpleasant. She stated that because she has had a disability her entire life, she has been accustomed to people giving her nasty glances.

Alex and Noah’s relationship was frequently discussed on social media in addition to the stare-downs they faced in public. People thought Noah had a “disability fetish,” assuming his physical and sexual attraction to his partner wasn’t genuine.

However, their pregnancy announcement drew even more criticism. The couple revealed a video of their response to their positive pregnancy test during their “Love Don’t Judge” interview.

Three positive tests were set up for Alex in the video. The expecting mother initially experienced a range of emotions because it was unexpected.


They were both anxious and excited, Noah acknowledged. The delivery of Alex contributed to some of the stress. She explained that the procedure would involve intubation, which was dangerous for someone with her illness. Nevertheless, Alex was positive that her medical staff would ensure she gave birth to a healthy child.

The pair also got gifts from their supporters, including a box of bottles suitable for Alex’s child’s feeding due to her spinal muscular atrophy because they were lightweight.

Announcing Alex’s pregnancy to her followers was exciting because she already had a social media presence and discussed various aspects of her life there.

However, the pair started hearing unfavorable remarks before her first ultrasound session. Many individuals knew the scan was coming and thought the pregnancy was a hoax.

The pair felt like they had to establish themselves in front of everyone by having their first ultrasound. Critical comments began to pour in when one of their films became popular.

For Halloween, Alex and Noah dressed as builders holding a sign that read, “Bump ahead.” As soon as the couple posted to TikTok, individuals began to criticize them, with some advising them to “abort the baby” since it “might have your disease,” according to another comment.

The soon-to-be mother admitted it was mentally draining because it was the most abuse she had ever experienced on social media. Others boldly argued that Alex’s pregnancy should be “illegal,” questioning her ability to care for her unborn child. People even questioned what Alex would do if her partner broke up with her.

Whatever abuse Alex and Noah endured did not stop them from loving their family. The couple was eager to have a family of three and wanted their love story to demonstrate the various relationships that can occur.


Alex and Noah demonstrated that they deserve love and can have a loving family just like any other couple. In response, Alex assured people who did not have faith in them, “We are not going anywhere.”

How Does the Couple’s Baby Look?

Alex updated her followers twenty-four hours before the birth of her child. She expressed her gratitude for giving birth to a child with her soul mate by sharing a touching collage of her prenatal experience.

The social media star also promised to update her followers once she was in the intensive care unit. As promised, Alex shared the news of their precious daughter Ari Jacqueline Smith’s birth on March 6, 2023, at 34 weeks and 2 days gestation.


Alex described the overwhelming and unexplainable feeling of holding her daughter for the first time. She posted a video of Ari in her arms as she sat back and closed her eyes to enjoy the moment. She said, “I love this little human with every fiber of my being.”

After three weeks in the intensive care unit, the mother uploaded another poignant video of her and Noah bringing their newborn home for the first time.

Instagram followers were quite supportive of Ari when she finally arrived. Users agreed that the infant was lovely, writing, “She’s so perfect” in response.

One supporter praised Alex and said a daughter was a mother’s closest friend, while another advised her to enjoy the newborn phase because it passes quickly. However, Ari’s beauty and perfection were what people most frequently praised.

Since Ari’s birth, Alex has posted gorgeous images of Ari in her father’s arms and another adorable scene of Ari and the dog getting along.

The couple commemorated their daughter’s first Easter with a family photo shoot. Ari was given a makeover with a matching flower crown and a white outfit.

While posing with her daughter in her arms, Alex donned a white outfit; Noah continued the white color scheme while delicately holding Ari.

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