For a few reasons, many of us battle how we look and how much we weigh.

Numerous individuals battle eating disorders every day worldwide, despite campaigns encouraging us to accept ourselves at whatever size or use more realistic-looking models in commercials.

This woman tells her tale to support other people with eating disorders.

England’s Derbyshire is where Annie Windley comes from. She spent years malnourished, but she is now fully recovering. She wishes to share her experience to help anyone in a similar situation.

Windley never reached more than 29kg, or 63 pounds, in weight. She was at significant risk of heart attack due to a few medical issues from her low weight.


For five years, the 21-year-old fought an eating condition that she still struggles with. The Woolley Moor resident was hospitalized and received numerous medical procedures while in pain.

The girl claimed that she was able to use her passion for running as a means of starting to rehabilitate, nevertheless. In October of last year, she even finished the Chesterfield Half Marathon.

In one of her social media posts, she said, “I realized that rehabilitation is a breathtaking process that should be thrilling, unforgettable, and amazing. I believe that my anorexia will always be a part of me, but I’ve learned to control it and stop thinking about food.”

Windley says, “Changing for the better is never too late.”

Annie was diagnosed in 2012, and it was not until her recovery started two years later. She decided to take up her battle with her eating issue in October of 2017.

“I can’t say exactly what occurred, but this time, it was just for myself,” she said online.

Agonizing emotions and great bravery defined each day of the struggle.

“I’ve put on three stones in the last four months and am now at my heaviest since 2014.”

Her experiences have taught her that, above all else, including outward looks, what matters most is how people treat one another and themselves.

“These are the things that will make you happy and are crucial to you,” she said.

She was saved by concentrating on her passion for running and respect for other people. Her mentality was completely altered when she realized that the effort she had previously expended on diet restriction had resulted in something that felt like a success.

“Pay attention to your enthusiasm and drive to succeed where you wish to go.”

Previously, Annie had been so unwell and underweight from eating nearly nothing but a piece of bread most days that she frequently felt dizzy or collapsed. She is now going towards a healthier weight and outlook on her connection with her body.

“We must show our disorders that we can do so. We don’t want to spend our lives feeling unhappy and full of regret over the things we couldn’t do due to anorexia.”


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