Carefully cut strips of multicolored fabrics are joined together piece by piece to create a handmade, one-of-a-kind quilt.

Most people who have reached the age of 90 enjoy the rewards of their efforts, taking it easy and praising the slower pace of life.

However, Bonnie Engle, now 90 years old, is busier than she has ever been making quilts for low-income families in the state of Oregon.


The resident of Hermiston’s Desert Sage Manor started the tradition twenty years ago as a part of the Hermiston Police Department’s annual Christmas Express program. This program allows families to receive food and other resources during the holiday season.


Since then, the devoted senior citizen has sewn more than two thousand quilts for the local police department.

Officers gave her a plaque to thank her for her help and to recognize what she had done.

This year, Bonnie has given away more than one hundred handmade quilts to people who are in need.

“It feels good to do something for them.” “Thank you to the community for the fabric donations; that’s very important,” Bonnie told ABC News.

Older people have more years, but they also have more skills and experiences. They have survived many adversities that we cannot even imagine. However, as people age and become frail, many regard them as burdens rather than fully functioning citizens.

Senior citizens have a lot of free time that they would like to spend on activities they enjoy. Despite the adage that growing older is inevitable, age is just a number. In practice, older people can remain as active as they were before retirement.

Many people become more open to the idea of socialization and helping others as they get older. They have so much free time that they constantly look for new ways to fill it. Volunteering for a cause they strongly believe in is one of the best things they can do to pass the time and make a difference.

For example, they could begin serving food at a homeless shelter, assist animal organizations in dealing with strays, or tutor and assist children with schoolwork. They can volunteer for so many different things that they will almost certainly find a cause that they are passionate about.

Their collective experiences, knowledge, and possibly sound judgment can assist the younger generation in making important decisions about their future. They are the ones who have seen change over the decades and can tell if something has improved or not, such as individual rights, quality of life, and so on.

Take the advice of your elders. Not because they always get it right but rather because they’ve had more opportunities to get it wrong.

Every person goes through the natural process of growing older. As we mature, we have many good and bad experiences that alter how we view the world.

Hermiston woman, 90, turns out quilts for Christmas Express | Community |

Well done, Bonnie! By spreading the word about this amazing lady, you can help us extend our sincere gratitude to her.

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