The Trump family enjoys a fame level that is unique not only in the United States but also in the rest of the globe. As a result, everybody around the globe started paying attention when they heard that Tiffany Trump would get married.

The photographs from the ceremony have been uploaded, and they turned out to be stunning.

On November 12, 2022, Tiffany Trump, the middle child of Donald Trump, married her longtime partner. The business tycoon’s 29-year-old kid is the only one he has with Marla Maples, his second ex-wife. Tiffany Trump was delivered two months before her parents went through with the official wedding ceremony.

After all of the festivities surrounding Tiffany’s wedding, her brothers and sisters went to various forms of social media to post pictures and videos from the most memorable day of her life. Ivanka Trump shared photographs on her Instagram account, documenting the festivities, including the bridal shower and others.


The photographs also included shots of Trump bringing his cherished daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. And photographs showing all five of Donald Trump’s children smiling for the camera while standing shoulder to shoulder. It would appear that the most notable member of the Trump family is Baron Trump, who, despite being the youngest of his siblings at only 16 years old, towers over the rest of his siblings.

Tiffany finally committed to her long-term companion, Michael Boulos, and they got married. According to Tiffany’s mother, the bride grew up at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Consequently, she has many wonderful memories connected with the location, which may have influenced the couple’s decision to conduct the ceremony there.

Because his family owns businesses worth billions of dollars, her husband Michael is also an heir to a fortune.

Tiffany wore a dress with beadwork, reportedly meant to pay homage to the Lebanese heritage of her future husband.

The wedding was described as a Lebanese American wedding, and the bride’s mother, Maria Maples, expressed her delight at having fashion designer Elie Saab create the magic for the event.

Despite the recent announcement of Trump’s Presidential Campaign for 2024, the day focused on Tiffany’s happiness and the celebration of the couple’s union. Maples emphasized that the family was not interested in discussing politics on this joyous occasion but instead welcomed friends and family to share in their happiness.

A source close to the family also noted that Tiffany has always brought people together, and this was a time for the family to enjoy a positive and joyful moment in their lives.

Even though Trump’s marriage to Tiffany’s mother was comparatively short and largely failed, the young couple decided to model their wedding cake after the one they had at their ceremony. Their wedding cake, which measured 7 feet in height, was strikingly identical to the one Tiffany’s parents had at their wedding.

In January 2021, Michael asked Tiffany in the Rose Garden of the White House. The two had known each other since 2018, when they first met up in Mykonos, Greece, at Lindsay Lohan’s club. Since then, they have been in a committed relationship.

Tiffany has pursued a diverse range of occupations throughout her professional life. She tried her hand at being a recording artist and a model and even worked as an intern for Vogue at one point in her life. She was a student at Georgetown Law and continued her education there even after receiving her degree in 2020. A professor at the institution as a research assistant presently employs her.

After the end of their wedding festivities, the couple intends to make their home in Miami.

We are sending the young couple our best wishes as they begin their adventure through life as a married couple and hope that everything goes according to plan for them! All of our warmest wishes are with them!

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