A user on TikTok goes by the handle @radianttimetravel and claims to be a time traveler who can see into the future. However, the person frequently posts about his future forecasts to support his assertions. Additionally, he previously foresaw that seven individuals would fall from the sky in the summer of 2023 and that humans would ostensibly discover another habitable planet.

He supposedly asserted that aliens would infiltrate the government and start a war. According to TikTok, the producer of the popular future prediction clip has over 144,000 followers and claims that humans might not win this contest and that it will happen soon.

A time traveler advises people to embrace for effect

They declared, “We will not prevail. A very hostile alien species is coming to take back Earth.


Another extraterrestrial, whose world was destroyed by the hostiles, will save some of us, the ‘time traveler’ continued. About 8,000 individuals will be transported to a different habitable planet on March 23, 2023.

He added: “The Champion has arrived” to the post.

One person was questioned.

This might be the case. Throughout generations, how many people have vanished and never been found?

One more said, “Please save me.”

In contrast, a third person asked whether anyone knew how to overcome them.

Another person stated.

Deliver it!

A fifth user of TikTok said: “I’m afraid.” God, oh God.

I’m a time traveler too, and I’ve come to tell you that January 1 is the New Year…, one person jokingly wrote.

Someone else inquired.

Why are you still here, brother, if the world has ended?

Bruhhh, that is way too much Marvel, someone other said.

Yet another person inquired.

Do you think I’ll accept this as true?

Dr. John Elliott, a scientist, emphasized that humans are not in a position to allow such an incident to occur and that they should accept the consequences as soon as the sun rises the following day. In addition to evaluating the evidence, he added, “We need to coordinate our professional knowledge to take into account the human social response.” And this is the right moment to act.

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