You are always a mother if you have kids. Not even when you’re 98 years old like Ada Keating from England, not even when you’re sick, not even when you’re sick. Ada’s 80-year-old son, Tom Keating, moved to Moss View Care Home, a senior care facility in Liverpool, England, in 2016. Ada and Tom were from Wavertree.

Image: Liverpool Echo

Tom lived with his mother his entire life and was never married. Tom had been a painter and a decorator before retiring, while Ada had worked as an assistant nurse.

Tom had to be moved to Moss View Care Home because he needed extra help. Ada moved in with her son a year later so she could personally care for him.

Image: Liverpool Echo

Ada had four kids, with Tom being the eldest. When she was barely 13 years old, his three sisters, Barbara, Margi, and Janet, sadly passed away. The two enjoy spending lots of time together doing straightforward activities like playing games, watching their favorite TV shows, or drinking tea.

Image: Liverpool Echo

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, Ada stated that she says “good morning” and “goodbye” to Tom every morning.

“Every night before I go to say good morning to Tom, I say goodnight in his room. I’ll let him know that I’ll be down for breakfast. He will search for me when I leave to go to the hairdresser to find out when I will return. He’ll approach me when I return with his arms extended and hug me. You are a mother forever!”

When Tom was asked how he felt about his mother moving, he answered:
“They’re great here, and I’m glad I’ll get to see my mother more now that she lives here.”
“She does a great job of taking care of me. She occasionally says, ‘Behave yourself!'”

Tom was happy to see Ada again at the senior home care facility. “They’re excellent here, and I’m pleased to see my mom more now that she lives here,” he said. No one can deny the relationship between the two; even their relatives and Moss View Care Home staff can see it. The mother and kid shared some of their hobbies in a funny video.

Image: Liverpool Echo

Philip Daniels, the care facility manager, expressed happiness in satisfying their needs. Seeing Tom and Ada’s close relationship is very nice.

“It would be happy to meet their needs in equal measure. It’s very touching to see how closely Tom and Ada are connected”. “Given how uncommon it is to find mothers and their children in the same care facility, we want to make the time they spend together as special as we can.”

Their families are glad that the senior home care facility gives them the needed help.
“It’s comforting for us knowing they’re both getting cared for 24/7,” Debi Highman, Ada’s granddaughter, said.

Being a mother may be very demanding since you give your children all your time and energy. From the minute you learn you’re pregnant until, well, pretty much the rest of your days, you put their needs first. But all the hard days and sleepless nights pale compared to a mother’s joy and peace when she learns that her child is happy and healthy. You would do it all over again in a heartbeat, no matter how exhausting it might have been, and like Ada, you will keep doing it as you get older.

Mothers are a great gift, and we should cherish them while they are in our lives.

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