Actress Nicole Kidman was devastated when her marriage to Tom Cruise ended in divorce just after a decade. She reportedly made a plea to him to try and save their relationship. Despite sharing two adopted children, the relationship between the exes is now complicated. Recently, Tom Cruise surprised many by skipping the Oscars, and according to reports, it may be linked to his former spouse.

The 90s were a time of great cultural change, and one of the most iconic couples of that era was Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. They were the ultimate power couple, with their good looks and stunning performances on the big screen.

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, they divorced. The world was stunned, but no one was more shocked than Kidman herself. She had no idea that her husband was going to leave her.

Their marriage was complex and always under scrutiny by the media. They were together for ten years and adopted two children, Isabella and Connor. Despite their differences, their children remained a bond that connected them in some way.

Now, years later, their children are all grown up, and they have their own lives. They don’t see each other as much as they used to, and it seems their relationship is strained at best.


Cruise skipped the Oscars recently, and many wondered why he would do such a thing. Rumors began to circulate that his absence was because of Kidman, but whether or not that is true remains to be seen. One thing is certain: their complicated relationship has left a lasting impact on their lives.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise at the 63rd Annual Academy Awards | Source: Getty Images

After the divorce in 2001, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were said to have lost touch with each other. It was reported that they relied on intermediaries to take care of their children’s needs instead of directly communicating with one another.

Despite their long history together, Cruise reportedly did not feel the need to stay in touch with Kidman after their divorce. A representative for the actor even stated that he did not miss her at all. Since their split, both actors have moved on with their lives and found new partners with whom they have started their own families.

While Cruise and Kidman’s relationship is still somewhat of a mystery, their past together is still a topic of interest among fans and the media. The two stars were undoubtedly a Hollywood power couple in their heyday, and their divorce surprised many.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman take a walk through Central Park with their daughter Isabella | Source: Getty Images

Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes, with whom he had a daughter named Suri Cruise. Unfortunately, the couple ended up divorcing. On the other hand, Nicole Kidman moved on and eventually married Keith Urban, with whom she shares two daughters, Sunday and Faith. Kidman and Urban have a loving and contented family life, while Kidman and Cruise are more private about their adopted children, giving only occasional updates about them throughout the years.

Nicole Kidman and her husband, Tom Cruise, arrive at Sydney Kingsford Smith airport and introduce their children Connor and Isabella to the media on January 24, 1996, in Sydney, Australia | Source: Getty Images

Isabella Cruise, the daughter of Kidman and Cruise, has lived in the UK for many years and identifies as British. She spent her formative years there and has embraced the culture and lifestyle. Connor Cruise, their son, lives in Miami and has pursued a career in music. While the family dynamics may be complex, it’s clear that each child has found their path in life. Despite their parents’ fame, Isabella and Connor have remained relatively private, living out of the public eye.

Did Tom Cruise Skip the Oscars to Avoid a Run-In with Ex-Wife Nicole Kidman?

Despite their divorce over 20 years ago, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have maintained a polite relationship. However, they have no desire to rekindle their romance or spend more time together than necessary. Despite sharing two adopted children, they seem to have moved on with their respective lives and have little interest in interacting with each other.

Tom Cruise accepts the David O. Selznick award onstage during the 2023 Producers Guild Awards at The Beverly Hilton on February 25, 2023, in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images

The 2023 Oscars were a star-studded event, with many A-list celebrities walking the red carpet and hoping to take home an award. However, one notable absence was Tom Cruise, who was expected to attend due to the success of “Top Gun” and its impact on the industry. Fans were left wondering why the star didn’t show up.

Rumors began to circulate that Cruise skipped the event to avoid a potential run-in with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman, who was in attendance with her husband, Keith Urban. It’s no secret that the two have a complicated relationship, and it’s believed that Cruise didn’t want any awkward encounters on the red carpet or during the ceremony.

Sources close to Cruise confirmed that he was aware of Kidman’s presence and skipped the event to avoid any potential drama. While some may see this as a petty move, it’s understandable, given the history between the two and their desire to keep their distance.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman attend the 95th Annual Academy Awards on March 12, 2023, in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

Cruise’s latest cinematic masterpiece has been met with critical acclaim, leaving him overjoyed and proud. However, to maintain harmony in his personal life, he made the difficult decision to forgo attending the awards ceremony. This was to avoid the potential discomfort of coming face-to-face with his former partner, Kidman. Despite his absence, Cruise remains grateful for the recognition his work has received and is humbled by the support of his fans. Ultimately, he understands the importance of prioritizing his well-being and relationships over external validation and accolades.

Why did shocked Kidman ask Tom to postpone their divorce?

Tom Cruise kissing Nicole Kidman in a scene from the film ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ 1999 | Source: Getty Images

In 1987, the beginning of Nicole Kidman’s illustrious acting career was marked by her debut in the Australian miniseries “Vietnam.” Her portrayal in this series was met with critical acclaim, setting her on the path to stardom. Following her success in “Vietnam,” Kidman made her mark on the silver screen with her starring role in “Dead Calm.” This film was a turning point in her career and catapulted her to new heights of recognition and fame. Kidman’s impressive talent and dedication to her craft were undeniable, and it was clear that she was destined for greatness in the world of entertainment.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman at Universal Studios Theme Park in Los Angeles 1992 | Source: Getty Images

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise during the 19th Annual AFI Lifetime Achievement Award to Kirk Douglas at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, United States | Source: Getty Images

In hindsight, Nicole Kidman realized that she was young and inexperienced when she first met Tom Cruise, and as a result, she failed to recognize the early signs of trouble in their marriage. Although she had enjoyed a relatively happy marriage for a long time, Kidman now acknowledges that there were flaws in the foundation of their relationship.

From being a relatively unknown actress, Kidman suddenly found herself thrust into the limelight as the wife of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. This newfound fame brought with it a lot of privileges, such as access to private jets, multiple homes, limousines, and bodyguards. However, it also meant that she and Cruise were constantly under the scrutiny of the paparazzi, leaving them feeling vulnerable and exposed.

To cope with the intense media attention, the couple became very guarded in public, always aware of the tabloids’ ever-present gaze. This hyper-vigilance often left them feeling stifled and constrained, undoubtedly taking its toll on their relationship.

In the early days of their marriage, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman leaned on each other for support and grew even closer after experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. This traumatic event brought them together and strengthened their bond. Despite the initial setback, they remained hopeful about starting a family.

However, they faced difficulties with conception and ultimately decided to adopt their first child, Isabella. The joy of expanding their family was palpable, and three years later, they welcomed their second adopted child, Connor.

As the years went by, Cruise and Kidman’s love for each other seemed to grow stronger, and they celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary with great joy and affection. Kidman believed their life together was perfect, and she treasured their time as a family.

Although their relationship eventually ended, the memories they shared and the love they had for each other will remain.

Cannes Film festival in Cannes, France on May 17, 1992-Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman | Source: Getty Images

Just two months after Nicole Kidman thought her life with Tom Cruise was perfect, he announced that he was leaving her. Kidman was taken aback and pleaded with him not to go, afraid that her identity as Cruise’s wife was all she had and that nobody would be interested in her anymore without him.

However, to Kidman’s surprise, the opposite happened. She became even more famous, and her star continued to rise. Despite the media’s fascination with the couple and their abrupt separation, the reasons for the divorce remained a mystery for months.

During this time, Kidman was hounded by the press, who constantly asked her for an explanation as to why their seemingly perfect marriage had come to such a sudden end. Feeling vulnerable and exposed, Kidman struggled to come to terms with the end of her relationship and the new reality she faced.

Nicole Kidman during a media call for “Far and Away” in Sydney circa 1992 | Source: Getty Images

Nicole Kidman and her former spouse ended their marriage without offering any reasons for the split. Kidman, however, revealed that she carries the weight of her past experiences with her into the future, yet she refuses to let them embitter her. Despite the divorce’s profound impact on her, Kidman maintains her belief in love and remains open to whatever the future may bring.

Nevertheless, the dissolution of her marriage left Kidman reeling, and it took her years to come to terms with it. The experience was a profound shock to her system, forcing her to confront the painful reality that even the most seemingly solid relationships can unravel. Yet, after much soul-searching and self-reflection, Kidman was able to pick up the pieces of her life and move forward.

Today, Kidman is happily married to a new partner, and she is the proud mother of her children. Although her past experiences have left an indelible mark on her, Kidman has learned to embrace the present and remain optimistic about the future. With her unwavering belief in love and her openness to new experiences, there is no doubt that Kidman’s best days are still ahead of her.



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