At Valley High School in Las Vegas, Haley, Kassidy, and Sierra didn’t appear interested in attending class.

The triplets were combative with all adults in authority, including teachers, counselors, and others. They often stayed together, skipped class frequently, and had dismal grades.

The triplets were introduced to the GEAR UP Program by Valley High School, who did not ignore them.

GEAR UP is a federal program under the Higher Education Act that aims to support and encourage low-income students as they prepare for success in higher education.

The triplets improved as they became more at ease with the GEAR UP crew.


Finally, they revealed their horrific predicament, which was even more dreadful than anyone could have imagined.

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When the triplets were just 3 years old, their mother passed away. When they were in sixth grade, their father was sentenced to prison.

After moving in with a grandmother, Haley, Kassidy, and Sierra frequently went without food. They didn’t start school until they were eight since she didn’t think education was important.

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They relocated back home with their father after his release from jail. But for weeks at a time, he would abandon the little girls.

As a result of a shooting inside their home, the kids were ultimately taken from his care while he was out.

The grandparents, who were utterly uncaring, welcomed the triplets into their home. During some periods, the triplets were homeless and without access to food, clothing, and transportation.

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However, the girls overcame their homelessness and the loss of both parents with the aid of their GEAR UP instructors.

Then, things improved.

The girls finished high school and received their diplomas by persevering and working hard.

All three females achieved and kept their GPA above 3.0 while taking advanced courses, participating in extracurricular activities, and working jobs as “unaccompanied minors.”

Youtube / Fox5

There was more, though.

The FOX5 Surprise Squad decided to intervene and surprise the girls at their graduation.

Their incredible tale of survival motivated the FOX5 Surprise Squad to attend their wedding secretly.


The school is shown in the video below as the Yeckes Triplets are taken aside after earning their diplomas and given the surprise of their lives.


The Yeckes Triplets have overcome the loss of both parents and periods of homelessness.

I wish them continued success because this is such a remarkable story.

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