After learning that one of their twins might be stillborn, Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger became the proud parents of twins, something they never imagined would happen.

Just a few days before Christmas 2016, the Ohio couple’s son William and daughter Reagan were born wide-eyed and flawless, but although their baby appeared healthy, they were aware that their beloved boy was dying.

Doctors had braced the couple for the worst after William’s heart conditions were discovered while he was still in the womb.



When the couple’s friend learned of their sadness, she decided to take action to help the new family preserve their priceless time together.

She wondered if there were any openings for a last-minute photo shoot when she phoned local photographer Lindsey Brown of Lindsey Brown Photography. Due to her busy schedule and the proximity to Christmas, Lindsey made an exception in this instance.

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According to Brown, “I knew right away that I had to do something for them. Who could ever refuse that if they had a heart?


Mandy Edwards, a friend of the couple, organized the photo session as a Christmas present, and Lindsey met the family two days later, aware that time was important because no one knew how long William had left.

Lindsey remarked, “I could not believe how perfect they both looked.”

They each weighed around five pounds when I took their pictures. Little Reagan slept and hardly opened her eyes, whereas William was incredibly alert, as if he was trying to take it all in, according to her, as reported by CNN.

The whole time she was there, she described it as being bittersweet.

They appeared and behaved flawlessly. You would have never suspected anything was wrong with dear Will, indeed.


William went away a few days after their photo shoot. Only 11 days old, he was.

The twins’ father, Matthew Brentlinger, told CNN affiliate WTVG that their time with William was “the happiest 11 days of [his] life,” and the pictures will be a constant reminder of that time.

According to Lindsey, she will always cherish the memories she made while taking pictures of the twins.

It warms my heart more than words can express to know that they will be able to look back on [these images] for the rest of their lives and to one day show Reagan when she is older.

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I’m pleased their friend had the foresight to set up this for the couple that Lindsey complied with because these images are gorgeous.

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