Sibling relationships are incredibly unique and unreplaceable, and they also share a special kinship. When you can share your excitement with a sibling, it multiplies double. And there was much to celebrate for Amber and Autum, twin sisters.

Since they were young, twin sisters Autum Shaw and Amber Tramontana have done everything together. The sisters’ unshakable relationship continued to become stronger as they grew older.

When both sisters gave birth to their children simultaneously, it garnered media attention.

On October 29, 2020, their 33rd birthday. Both sisters gave birth to healthy baby daughters 90 minutes apart.

The sisters were admitted to Knoxville, Tennessee’s Fort Sanders Regional Hospital. The same doctor, Dr. George Vick, delivered Blakely and Baby Charleston.



Baby Blakely arrived next at 7 pounds. 2 oz. and baby Charleston arrived at a robust 9 lbs., 4 oz. The major coincidence was not taken lightly by the hospital where the babies were delivered, and they wrote about it on social media.

“Double the sweetness and double the love!” was the comment on a photo of the twin sisters clutching their bundles of joy. At Fort Sanders Regional, it was a memorable day this week as identical twins Autum and Amber gave birth to their daughters, Charleston and Blakely, just 90 minutes apart. On top of everything else, it was Amber and Autumn’s birthdays!

The sisters have an extremely close relationship. Even as adults, the two have never been able to remain apart. Amber and Autum obtained their undergraduate and graduate degrees from the same university. The sisters later earned their licenses to practice nursing separately and together as registered nurses.

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Amber and Autum, who gave birth to their boys ten weeks apart in 2018, have sons. Despite having a gap at birth, the boys’ weights and lengths were the same.

Autum first experienced a miscarriage when trying for her second child. She was devastated, but she now feels that God had a purpose. She experienced another miscarriage not long after. Just a few weeks into their pregnancies, the sisters told each other they were expecting and discovered they had the same due date!

We wrestled with the question, “Why did we have to go through this?” after our miscarriage, admits Autum. “But we believed that God had a purpose for us,” she continues.

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Amber said that even though she asked for twins, she now believes God provided a better method for her kid to have a friend.

In 2018, when the twins gave birth to their kids, Autum experienced labor first. Everyone anticipated that things would proceed similarly this time, but Amber was the one to experience labor symptoms first.

The sisters gave birth in apartments that were close together. The infants, according to Autum, bonded right away. She remarked, “They clicked like they’d been together for nine months in the womb.

The girls’ union had the twins in a state of ecstasy. They think Charleston and Blakely will get along just as their mothers did.

The birthday gift keeps getting better, Amber added.

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The friendship between Amber and Autum is very endearing. And now, hopefully, their daughters will carry on the tradition.

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