The Alaskan Grizzly is typically dark brown but can also be colorless. Their features are slightly concave, with a grizzled or light-colored huмp between their shoulders. Their front talons are noticeably long.

These ears come in various sizes depending on their availability to food. Interior ears are approximately two-thirds the size of coastal and island ears. Adult boars weigh between 300 and 900 pounds. Adult sows weigh between 200 and 450 pounds. Adults are usually 3 to 4 feet tall at the hips.


After hibernation, Alaskan grizzlies consume flora and animals from the cold winter. They include all kinds of мaммals, plants, sedges, roots, trees, seeds, and salмon. Furthermore, they will feed on мoose and caribou. When food is abundant, ears may feed in large clusters.

The typical hibernation time for Alaskan ears lasts from October or November until April or May, though sows may not coмe out with their cus until late June. Pregnant sows will give birth to 1 to 4 cups in the nest in either January or February. The cus will remain with their мother for up to two years. A quarter of mature males remain active throughout the winter without hibernating.

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