A note was scrawled on a package that a UPS delivery man picked up. He could have dismissed it as a twisted joke of some sort. But he chose not to. The delivery man has now saved a young child and his mother from a terrifying situation.

A mother and her 3-year-old boy were forced to endure an experience by their husband and father, but thanks to a UPS carrier in the right place at the right time, they were spared.

The movie-like rescue only happened because the UPS driver was alert and spotted the message the battered woman could convey to him through the package he had just picked up from her.

James Jordan, the abuser, took unthinkable action. He kept his small boy in a room alone for 15 hours without providing him with food or water. The youngster heard about his mother’s terrible sexual and physical abuse. Jordan violently beat her and took her phone away so she couldn’t call anyone.


Jordan once caught her when she was trying to flee and dragged her back to the house by yanking her hair.

When she realized there was no way out of the mess she had gotten herself into, she devised a plan and prayed to God that it would succeed. All she wanted was for someone to be alert while working. God heard her prayers and sent the appropriate UPS driver to her house. She pretended everything was great as she handed him the cargo he was due to pick up her husband carried a gun behind her and warned her not to speak to the driver. Jordan was unaware that the woman could write something on the box. Inscribed on her paper was “contact 911.”

Fortunately, the UPS driver saw the message and knew it wasn’t a prank. He dialed 911 right away, and shortly after, a SWAT unit arrived and freed the mother and her child from Jordan.


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