One woman from Utah had a lifelong goal to become the mother of seven children all at once. However, as she got older, the odds stopped working in her favor and started counting against her. When the woman found out she was pregnant at 46, she couldn’t believe it, but that wasn’t surprising!

When they hope for something impossible, many people put their trust in the power of prayer and rely on their faith instead. They want to see their dreams come true, but they know it won’t be easy for them all of the time.

A woman had a strong desire to increase the size of her family, and she even contemplated having fertility treatment. When that strategy was ineffective, she turned to an alternative method: prayer. This mother’s story might change your mind about whether or not you believe in miracles.

Audrey Tiberius and her children. | Source: News

Audrey Tiberius and her children. | Source: News


She had a slim chance of getting pregnant.

Having a set of twins is an extremely uncommon occurrence. Few people have the good fortune to become parents more than once.

The natural birth of triplets is even rarer, and it’s not always what parents want to see happen. Yet Audrey Tiberius was not like the rest of them. She urgently wanted to expand her family, but her doctors discouraged her.

The mom’s doctors had more to say, and the update shocked everyone.

Fertility specialists advised her that she only had a 10% chance of conceiving naturally or through in vitro fertilization when she was 41 years old (IVF). The mother said, “They said, ‘I’m sorry, your eggs are too old.’ “We did three rounds of in vitro, and they all failed.”

The Seven Children She Always Wanted

Audrey and her 41-year-old husband, Tyler Tiberius, were heartbroken, but they were thankful for their four sons. Their children, Marcus, James, Christian, and Max, offered them endless joy.

The mother never stopped hoping for a larger family and gave up the faith that had given birth to that hope. In her words:

“I prayed for five years to have more children because I always wanted a big family, and seven was my number.”

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The information they received would alter their lives.

At 45, Audrey finally got the news that she had always dreamed about. She was finally expecting a child, an event that had been in the works for many years and required considerable faith. The excitement inside the family was through the roof, and they couldn’t wait to welcome their newest member into the world.

The mother’s medical professionals had more to say, and the latest information stunned everyone. It appeared that Audrey was not carrying a baby. She was carrying three babies at the time! “There’s no way to explain it other than a miracle.” What a gift from God!” the mother exclaimed.

It is highly unlikely for a woman to give birth to identical triplets at the age of 46, and after visiting a statistician, Audrey learned that the odds of this happening are one in 20 billion. When she commented that it seemed as if something supernatural had taken place, she wasn’t too far off the mark.

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Managing three babies is no easy feat.

Audrey prayed for the well-being of her unborn babies and knew that, given her age, she faced a high chance of having a miscarriage. She had confidence in her physiology and that everything would turn out as planned. To our great relief, it did.

When Sky, River, and Bay Tiberius were born in March 2022, they granted their mother one of the greatest aspirations of her heart: the opportunity to become a mother to seven children. Audrey is a wonderful mother who is very happy with what her body can do.

She spends the entire day producing breastmilk, burping, feeding and changing the baby. The doting mother keeps a smile on her face through it all. Nevertheless, it isn’t easy, and Audrey revealed the following:

“It’s a little crazy sometimes when we can’t tell who’s who because they’re across the room.” They look so much alike.”

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Willing to expand their family

Audrey’s sweet babies gave her the feeling that her life had come full circle again, and despite the initial shock, she was certain that this was how things were meant to be. Even though she is overjoyed and pleased with her large family, the mother has not ruled out the chance of having additional children in the future.

She had a daughter in mind from the start, and her husband encouraged her to have one. According to Audrey and Tyler, only one limit is the sky, and they added: “So, maybe we’re not done.” Who knows?”

This woman, a mother to seven children, told her tale to raise awareness regarding fertility issues. What she said was:

“Doctors need to talk to women about fertility and what their options are to save them heartache.”

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The mother was in “baby heaven” and became emotional as she discussed the three remarkable miracles in her life. She believed that everyone should be able to have as many children as their heart desire and understood that she had been extremely lucky.

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