Much thought is given to human grieving, yet animals also experience grief. After losing their owners and furry friends, dogs, who remain faithful until the end, exhibit many indicators of mourning.

Gunner, a dog, appears to have known his owner’s passing was imminent and could not bear the thought of living without him.

Daniel Hove, a firefighter from Wisconsin, began his career in the Air Force and has since served his town of Burnsville by continuing to give his life in the service of others.

According to Heather Nicoletti, his daughter, “He was someone that his department truly relied on to innovate, educate, train, and keep up with the current firefighting method.”



However, the valiant veteran and firefighter were forced to resign in 2012 after receiving the news that he had pancreatic cancer in 2011.

Heather claimed that her father underwent numerous chemotherapy treatments.

Retired Assistant Fire Chief Hove battled his most challenging struggle for eight years with the support of those he loved. His 11-year-old Labrador, the Gunner, was one family member who never left his side.

“We saw it coming.”

Soon after his owner’s diagnosis, the loving dog who yearned to be wherever Daniel also began to feel ill.

The dog would become disturbed when my dad became agitated, Heather claimed. “My dad was restless, and the dog was restless,” she added. “Neither my dad nor the dog was responding. As soon as we noticed that the dog wasn’t doing well and wasn’t moving around much, we realized that something bad was about to happen.


Heather claimed that one day she saw Gunner and realized he was very close to the end, so she hurried him to the vet clinic where she had previously worked.

The staff there put Gunner to sleep, and an hour and a half later, her father passed away.

“I had mentioned that I’m not sure which will be more upsetting for him, trying to take him away to put him to sleep to stop his pain or if you let him see his father’s passing. In my opinion, he will die in either scenario, she continued.

“We were aware that they would pair up. We had no idea that the separation would be in the hours.

Once the coronavirus crisis passes, the family intends to arrange a large celebration with royal honors for her father and his devoted friend.


Dogs are incredibly wise, so it should give us all some solace that these two never had to say goodbye. Fire Chief Hove and Gunner, may you rest in peace.

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