The general public sometimes forgets the veterans and soldiers who put their lives in danger to defend their country. It is simple to congratulate them after a victory, but it is even easier to fail to give them enough credit for the challenges they encounter. One group, the Gary Sinise Foundation, opts not to retract its actions and supports the parties involved even after the fight has ended.

In the worst-case situation, many people could lose limbs, get fatal injuries, develop post-traumatic stress disorder, or even pass away. The foundation’s founder, Gary Sinise, is utterly committed to ensuring that soldiers, warriors, and defenders receive the care and attention they need following combat.

The organization has aided thousands of veterans and their families throughout its almost 40-year existence. It doesn’t seem like it will slow down anytime soon. Sinise’s band and portrayal as Lt. were influenced by family members who had served in the military.

Forrest Gump’s Dan Sinise claimed that playing the part changed his life and gave him the idea to start the Lt. Dan Band, which performs for overseas military members on active duty.


One deserving marine, Jonathon Blank, received a custom-built home from the Gary Sinise Foundation in 2019 after losing both legs in an IED explosion in 2010. He also had head and upper body injuries, and he still experiences chronic pain, headaches, and insomnia. The interior of Blank’s home is fully accessible and tailored to his needs. You learn more about Blank and what this house means to him by reading on.

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A special bond between Jonathan Blank and his close friend Jonathan Nelson can only be made while serving in the United States Marine Corps. The two veterans become close after serving in the same special operations unit in Afghanistan more than ten years ago. Nelson was present when Blank suffered leg injuries from the explosion.

The couple has still been able to go hiking together despite this. While passing Mount Timpanogos in Utah, Nelson had the idea to take Blank there one day. Nelson stated, “I believed getting in the saddle would be fantastic for him to experience.

It should be no surprise that the two want to take this vacation together. The two traded a lot of blood, sweat, and tears while fighting for their country.

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Blank was carried by Nelson 14.3 kilometers up Mount Timpanogos. This was quite a tremendous feat since Blank weighed 135 pounds, and the voyage involved an elevation gain of 4,500 feet.

Other hikers, Nate Larid and Phil Casper, saw Nelson and Blank as they descended the same trail. They were stunned by it. According to Laird, when you see someone else’s drive to succeed, you want to do the same for yourself and your loved ones.

When Blank got home after his injury, he saw how drastically his life had changed. His home’s stairs had become much harder for him to climb and descend. “Occasionally, it just gets dull. ” The world is not made for persons with disabilities, according to Blank. Since I was hurt, I have had to deal with this unpleasant reality daily.

The news moved several of Blank’s Marine friends to tears, he added, adding that it was such a wonderful present. Even a few powerful men expressed some distress after learning of this.

In addition, Blank had the opportunity to contribute architectural concepts as the house was being constructed. He said, “Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be so involved with the planning and layout of the building.

Before the house was constructed, Blank’s fiancΓ©e Brittney Harris also revealed how much it would impact his life. She remarked:


He frequently carries and drags his possessions up and down the stairs. Nothing slows him down, but having cabinets he can pull down and reach rather than climb up there would be a huge help.

There are lighting controls and other modern amenities in Blank’s house. Blaine Christensen, co-owner of Advanced Integrated Systems, said: “We’re thrilled to have assisted in giving Sergeant Blank a home that will fundamentally alter the path of his life; it’s a tremendous gift from the American people and companies like Legrand. He likes the wonderful amenities provided by his new home and how they enable him to complete tasks that weren’t always easy for him.

Nothing appeared to have prevented Blank from living the best life possible. He has shown that he is capable of overcoming any difficulty that is presented to him. The veteran posted a video of himself on Instagram showing his physical prowess while widely grinning. There were other inspirational hashtags in the image’s text, including “#neverstop #sendingit #nolegs #noquitting.”

Fortunately, it looks like Blank’s house has lots of space for movement. In November 2020, Jorgenson Builders posted an emotional picture of Blank in front of his house, which was constructed with assistance from the Gary Sinise Foundation, on Facebook. We’re thrilled to have had the chance to create a specially modified smart home for the @GarySiniseFoundation’s RISE program, which benefits USMC SSgt Jonathon Blank, according to the caption. What a fantastic program to participate in! We were able to give Jonathon the keys to the house on Veterans Day. We offer him a hearty welcome to Midway and hope he likes his new residence!

The Gary Sinise Foundation website identifies RISE as Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment. The idea centers on giving “severely wounded heroes” home upgrades to create smart homes.

Although Sinise gained notoriety as an actor in some plays, movies, and television shows, his humanitarian work will live on in his legacy. In addition to his work with the Gary Sinise Foundation, he is a member of the advisory board of Hope For the Warriors, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing non-medical care to combat-wounded military soldiers and their families. In recognition of his assistance to wounded warriors, Sinise has won numerous honors, including the Sylvanus Thayer Award in 2015 and a Location Managers Guild Award in 2020.

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