When People Make Derogatory Comments About His Wife’s Weight, Pierce Brosnan Becomes Enraged And He Claims to Adore “Every Curve” on Her Body.


Despite criticism of Smith’s postpartum weight gain, the couple has remained together. Brosnan has come forward in response to the bigots who fat-shamed his wife. Considering a devoted husband, whether they are a fleeting romance between two young superstars or a long-term union that has broken down. Hollywood relationships are exciting and complex.

A tumultuous 20 years of marriage between Pierce Brosnan and his wife are evidence that their love has persevered. Every time they are together, it is clear how much they adore one another. In recent years, there has been some debate regarding their relationship.

Given how beautiful they were when they tied the knot for the first time, everyone was amazed at how attractive Brosnan, 68, and Keely Shaye Smith, 58, looked together. They started dating in April 1994, and on August 4, 2001, they were married in Ireland. Paris Beckett Brosnan and Dylan Thomas Brosnan are their two sons.

Following the birth of their two children, Smith gained weight, which prompted comments about her appearance. Some may have been surprised that the former James Bond actor continued to be with Smith despite the latter’s sudden change in appearance, but their relationship has consistently shown that there is more going on than meets the eye.


The charming personality of his wife is more important to Brosnan than what other people think of her or what conventional beauty standards suggest, as he has frequently shown. Regardless of how they appear to the world, Brosnan has gone above and above to support his wife and their love.

This proves that this relationship has more love than meets the eye.

For his portrayals as the secret service agent James Bond in the four James Bond movies “GoldenEye,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” “The World Is Not Enough,” and “Die Another Day,” Irish actor Brosnan is best known.

Furthermore, he has played a part in various video games with a similar settings. After quitting school at 16, Brosnan spent the next three years studying at the Drama Centre in London, England.

Before transitioning to TV and movies, he started acting on stage. He played one of his first important parts in the television series “Remington Steele,” which ran from 1982 to 1987. After that, he did better in movies like “Mrs Doubtfire” and “The Fourth Protocol.”

When he was cast as James Bond in several movies, he became famous and became well-known worldwide.

But Brosnan has had his share of struggles throughout his life. His first wife, Cassandra Harris, died of ovarian cancer after 11 years of marriage.

Sean Brosnan, the couple’s lone child, was born. Charlotte and Christopher are the children of Harris’ first marriage. After their father died in 1986, Brosnan took them in. Brosnan found it challenging to deal with his problems, but he was fortunate to have Smith by his side to support and cheer him on in every way he could.

Smith has worked as an actress, reporter, novelist, and TV personality, among other things.

In addition to “General Hospital,” “Good Morning America,” “The Home Show,” and “Entertainment Tonight,” she has made appearances on several other television shows.

Since she had been by his side when he needed her, Brosnan had defended his wife throughout their marriage. Fabiosa claims that Smith has kept off the weight she gained after having their two children. Some people have booed her for doing this.

But Brosnan has consistently stood by her and treated her with the utmost love and respect. They have continuously presented themselves as being in the early stages of romance.

Brosnan even said, “I go weak in the knees,” when Keely looked at me.

Fabiosa asserted that Smith helped Brosnan “come back to life” after the deaths of his first wife and daughter. This allowed him to grieve and digest these terrible losses in depth. In a 2013 interview with Express, Brosnan stated that Keely had always been sympathetic and encouraging and that she had assisted him in coming to terms with Cassie’s death.

He continued, “I don’t ever stop thinking about her”. Kelly is my North Star because she always looks out for me.

Brosnan has always cherished his wife because Smith is such a kind and kind individual. This was very clear when online trolls started publicly making fun of Smith’s weight.

A “Teen Mom” star named Jenelle Evans posted pictures of the couple on her Facebook page last year and made disparaging remarks about Smith’s appearance. She received a furious response from her husband, and Facebook had to step in. Smith and Brosnan were depicted in two separate photographs by Evans.

The first was from the beginning of their relationship, while the second was from far back. In both pictures, you can see their complete bodies, and they are on a beach. In a post titled “This is us,” Evans included a citation for her spouse.

Eason said, “We don’t seem to be that fat.” Evans retorted, “Close to it,” adding an animated smiling face emoji. However, after seeing their abusive remarks, Facebook briefly barred them.

Regarding his wife’s physical looks, Brosnan doesn’t seem bothered by insults posted online by total strangers. But not just anyone has voiced an opinion regarding Smith’s weight. According to Brosnan, some remarks have come from people they know. He said. “Her friends offered to pay for her weight-loss procedure”.

I do, however, like every curve in her body. In my opinion, she is the loveliest woman. She also gave birth to five members of our family.

He continued, “I loved her for who she was, not just how beautiful she was. Since she is my children’s mother, I adore her even more. I’m incredibly proud of her and strive hard to win her affection.



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