On Monday evening in Oregon, photographer Corey Hancock was out hiking. He observed a three-month-old bear engaged in a life-or-death struggle halfway through his journey.

This little bear was in extremely serious condition. Hancock knew he was passing away. The bear cub barely moved when he first got close to it. He understood that the mother bear had left the cub behind.

However, He didn’t want to leave the bear cub to perish. Even though it was uncertain whether the poor calf would survive, he carried it more than two miles to save it.

At one point, he even performed CPR on the bear cub, and it was able to breathe. He Had Breathing Issues.


Hancock took the cub to the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center near Salem, Oregon. Fortunately, He’s Now Recovering from Both Starvation And Dehydration, And He’s Doing Much Better.

However, Numerous animal experts disagree with Hancock’s choice to save the young bear. The Little Bear’s Rescuer Could Have Faced A $6,000 Fine Or Even A Year In Prison, Per The Oregon Department Of Fish And Wildlife Regulations.

Hancock won’t be punished, according to Oregon State Police, for saving the little bear. It Is Worth It!

A photographer, Corey Hancock, also shared this wonderful story on his Facebook page.

He is a true hero! We Are Pleased That This Hero Received No Fine or Punishment of Any Kind! Hancock, I’d Like To Thank You For Saving The Poor Bear Cub!

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