The lady was completely unaware of what awaited her when she arrived home after spending the night at her mother’s house. The entrance was locked despite her repeated knocks. She finally succeeded in unlocking the door, and she was astounded when she entered!

Life isn’t always full of pleasant shocks; occasionally, we may go through incredible, mind-blowing things that can change our lives. Brittani Byer from Kansas, who had no idea what lay ahead for her, experienced something similar.

In 2022, things went wrong for Brittani, drastically altering her life. She mustered the courage and strength to share her tale with the world, winning the support of internet users worldwide.

Brittani Byer | Source:

Brittani Byer | Source:


A Stay That Extended Surprisingly

Everything started when Brittani told her husband he could spend the night at her house while she stayed at her mother’s. She saw no harm in allowing her husband to remain for one night after he expressed a desire to be somewhere cozy even though they were no longer together.

Another challenging task for Brittani was getting the other woman to depart.

Brittani claimed she kept the house while her husband stayed elsewhere because the pair were going through a divorce. She made it clear to him that she would depart and come back in the morning. She didn’t know what to find when she got to her house.

The other woman in Brittani Byer's bed | Source:

The other woman in Brittani Byer’s bed | Source:

The Distressed Wife’s Response

Much to her surprise, the entrance was locked when Brittani returned home the next day. Even her dog was barking inside as she continued to tap in vain. When she finally opened the door and entered the home, she was shocked by what she saw! In her bed, another lady was present.

But it didn’t end there. The woman waved at Brittani while she was curled up in her bed. Brittani was confused and incensed by the current course of events, and her first response was:

“Hey, you can get out of my house. Get out of my house!”

The other woman waved at Brittani Byer while lying in her bed. | Source:

The other woman waved at Brittani Byer while lying in her bed. | Source:

The Confrontation

The other lady wouldn’t budge, but Brittani would confront her and demand an explanation. She questioned, “Why are you in my bed? She reported that the woman informed her she shouldn’t be asking that question because it wasn’t her house, and she didn’t live there.

Considering that the woman’s belongings were inside the home, Brittani was astounded by her audacity and blissful ignorance. Even her children’s belongings were scattered about, but Brittani noticed that her ex-girlfriend husband’s seemed hesitant to comprehend anything.

Brittani Byer | Source:

Brittani Byer | Source:

Making Them Leave: A Mind-Boggling Job

Another difficult task was for Brittani to make the other woman depart. She remembered that the woman treated her with extreme disrespect and kept trying to reason with her. Since she had been up so early, Brittani’s infant, who is seven months old, was with her, and she claimed to be not alone.

Brittani eventually admitted that she had run out of patience and fortitude and could not speak. Nevertheless, the other woman was adamant about remaining there and refused to go until Brittani’s husband had gone.

The woman finally agreed to depart when Brittani’s allegedly unfaithful husband requested it. A shocked and distraught Brittani breathed a sigh of relief as they eventually left home together.

The other woman is pictured leaving with Brittani's ex-husband. | Source:

The other woman is pictured leaving with Brittani’s ex-husband. | Source:

Going Their Separate Ways

Brittani disclosed that she and her spouse had two children and were married for almost five years. After the heartbreaking event, the couple completed their divorce and parted ways, which Brittani believed was best for the future of her children.

Brittani, who was in tears, admitted that she had never encountered or known the other woman before that day. She stated how the woman made numerous attempts to cause trouble, and her actions were extremely upsetting.

The Kansas mother hoped under no circumstances to run into that lady again after that day, but she never saw her again.

Brittani Byer | Source:

Brittani Byer | Source:

Internet community Responses

In July 2022, the Facebook page “It’s Gone Viral” posted Brittani’s heartbreaking tale after it went widespread online. It has 5.1 million views, 33k reactions, and 4.2k remarks as of March 2023. The following are some noteworthy messages:

“I would have been screaming at her and him for that. How disgusting is he letting another woman into the home (sic).”

– (@clare.parnwell) July 10, 2022

“Concerning the woman, she was calm because of her baby but asked them to leave and went straight for a divorce. I wish her the best (sic).”

– (@saylem.uddin) July 10, 2022

“Lol, that’s what I said when I found a woman in my house.. get out! I was so mad I couldn’t say anything else.. t (sic).”

– (@melodych1) December 7, 2022

“The wife is so calm; good choice of getting a divorce.”

– (@100025481014280) July 10, 2022

“You did the right thing, girl. He doesn’t deserve to have you. I hope you have all the best luck in the world because you deserve it (sic).”

– ( July 10, 2022

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