After such a terrible year, people who are looking for some personal space might want to consider visiting this uninhabited island in Scotland. It is up for grabs right now. What is the low estimate for the auction? $112, 000!

The picturesque Deer Island can be found in Loch Moidart on the West Coast. The island has a total surface area of approximately 11 acres. It is also referred to as Eilean a Fheidh, and it is located near both Fort William and Ben Nevis.

The upcoming auction is being billed as a “unique opportunity to purchase a space that can be enjoyed with zero chance of intrusion,” according to Future Property Auctions. According to the listing, there are no accommodations on the island.

Country Living expands the reader’s perspective by stating that the location has “pretty spectacular countryside views, plenty of local wildlife, natural swimming spots, and heaps of potential to be transformed into a family home.”


Located in Loch Moidart, the island is a rather unique piece of land to own. Image credit: Future Property Auctions.

According to CNN, the members of that wildlife include red squirrels and seals. However, if they wait long enough, they might see a dolphin in the sea.

The neighboring island of Eilean Shona is owned by Vanessa Branson, who is Richard Branson’s sister. CNN talked with the property manager, Stephen McCluskey, who stated that the larger land mass was a destination for a wide range of people. Nevertheless, looking at them through binoculars is not advised.

Who is the type of person who would bid on or buy a location that is desirable despite its remote location? If one were to simply purchase the land, they could make much weaker investments somewhere else. According to Metro, the asking price for Deer Island is similar to that of a typical garage in London.

The Clanranald of Moidart held onto it for many generations as a prize. According to Country Living, this is not the situation in modern times. However, the legendary dynasty dates back to the 14th century and is certain to be a topic of discussion among the patrons. states that just like other clans, they “supported feudal justice” while their chiefs “indulged in lawlessness, treachery, tyranny, insurrection, barbarity, hostility, pillage, and plunder, as well as sacrilege and murder.” Everything about Game of Thrones!

Even though they have access to a considerable amount of capital, the new owners of Deer Island presumably have more modest goals in mind for their company.

CNN refers to comments made by McCluskey regarding parties who may be interested in the property, such as “someone who wants somewhere to park their yacht” and “another individual who wants to use it as a base for kayaking.”

Regardless of who wins the sale, they will have to begin from page one. The island is devoid of human settlement and lacks even the most fundamental comforts like electricity.

Deer Island is currently barren of any infrastructure, so while the asking price is rather cheap, it’ll need an owner with deep pockets if they want to stay on the island in any comfort. Image credit: Future Property Auctions

However, because the world looks to be becoming an ever more crowded place, wealthy people are increasingly turning to exclusive vacation destinations. Why not construct it on a geographical blank canvas if there isn’t one that is already available?

According to CNN, there has been an increase in people looking to travel to places of this kind. A portion of the Bahamas with the false name Little Ragged Island was located on the island’s more glamorous side. To get one’s foot in the door, one will require $19.5 million, which is even better than cool. Or at the very least along the coast.

Additionally, the story of Horse Island is covered by the outlet. This property off the shore of Irish, which looks out over the Atlantic Ocean, was purchased for $6 million. Facebook was used to communicate about business, which is an interesting development. To receive a signal over there, it’s possible that certain arrangements would need to be made next.

Castle Tioram is yet another fascinating historical site that is easily accessible from Deer Island. The ruins serve as a constant reflection of the rich history of Scotland. The castle was right in the thick of things like the Jacobite rebellion when it happened. It was during this time that the Stuarts, who had been compelled to flee, attempted to regain control of the country and set their sights on the recently founded British throne.

Within sight of Deer Island is this magnificent castle, built sometime between the 12th and 14th centuries. Image credit: Iain Simpson CC BY-SA 2.0

The limit for potential island citizens to file their forms is the 26th of March. The “Timed Online Auction” hosted by Future Property Auctions is currently online, complete with its very own countdown for added dramatic effect.

Only people with a lot of money can own their islands. One thing is certain: a significant amount of financial resources are required for the upkeep and transformation of a location like Deer Island.

Nevertheless, the possibility of enjoying 11 acres for the astonishingly low price of around $100,000 might spark the interest of people who are itching to escape the stuffiness of their expensive garages and breathe in the purest air imaginable…

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