The guy was perplexed when his girlfriend appeared holding a newborn child at his doorstep. She informed him that she needed to go to the grocery store and handed him custody of the kid. She sadly never came back. The guy decided to undergo a DNA test to find out if he was the baby’s biological father.

When Moisés Costa, a resident of Goiana, Brazil, opened the door for his partner one day, he discovered that she wasn’t alone. He asked her to come inside after noticing she was holding a baby. Costa, who was happily oblivious to the future, believed that she had come to see him.

After some time, his girlfriend requested his help in watching the kid because she had to go grocery shopping and would be grateful if he could. Costa agreed and promised to take care of the infant until she returned. But it never actually occurred.

His Mother Left Him Behind


Costa quickly realized that the woman had left her infant son behind and did not intend to return. According to reports, he found out about her baby when she was five months along. Despite what she said, Costa’s intuition told him that he wasn’t the baby’s actual father.

He went with a choice.

She never turned around.

Costa claims that when his girlfriend was five months pregnant and living in a different region of Goiana, she phoned him. Then, when her infant son was only a few months old, she told him she had to go shopping and departed after dropping him off at his house.

Despite his mother’s insistence, Costa claimed the lady never turned around to claim her infant son. The Brazilian man decided to undergo a DNA test to determine his relationship with the infant once and for all to end all speculation and ease his anxiety.

Choosing to remain

When Costa discovered he wasn’t the child’s biological father, the woman’s claims were false. However, his world had changed: the biological mother had vanished, leaving him to care for a child who was not his.

Costa had the option of holding the child or walking away. He went with a choice. It wasn’t simply keeping an eye on Davyd Cesario Silva, the young boy, but Costa persisted.

The Infant Had Health Concerns

According to Costa, Baby Silva became sick soon after his birth mother left him and needed to be taken to the hospital immediately. According to reports, the baby boy had health issues that required urgent medical attention, including seizures.

However, Costa’s mother and stepfather stepped forward to register for civil services in order to obtain the treatment. According to Costa, their prompt responses and generosity helped save the life of infant Silva.

Heart Connections

Over time, Costa understood how unique Silva was and how much care and assistance she needed. Silva suffered from epilepsy, irreversible limb atrophy, and cerebral palsy. He had childlike cognitive and mental abilities but could not walk or speak.

Silva and Costa did not share biological relatives but developed a close emotional bond. Costa referred to him as “He is my son at heart and my best friend. I do everything to take care of him.

She never intended to remain.

Silva has been an inseparable part of him since he was placed in Costa’s care when he was only two months old. Costa gave Silva the care and affection he so richly deserved thanks to the support of his mother, Mara José.

Anguished, Costa acknowledged that his ex-girlfriend paid him a few visits during Silva’s formative years. She reportedly never voiced a desire to keep him, and Costa could tell that she wouldn’t be a constant in the young boy’s life given his worsening health issues.

The Situation of the Foster Father

52-year-old Silva, 25, and Costa’s mother, Mariá José, 72, did not intend to leave. Costa was concerned that he couldn’t cover the high costs of his foster son’s expanding requirements, including transportation, health insurance, and medical care.

Costa declared, “He is the love of my life,” adding that he would never leave Silva. To better care for his son, he acknowledged that he required assistance. He wanted to track down Silva’s biological father or any other blood relatives who might be able to help out financially.

Above all else, Costa didn’t want his foster child to be abandoned if something untoward occurred to him or his mother. What a sweet representation of the affection a father has for his son! Metropoles

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