Imagine downloading an app to aid in better sleep only to have the opposite result. When a woman loaded sleep-tracking software, that is exactly what happened.

Rosa, a TikTok user, heard odd murmurs when she was dozing off, which resulted in a startling revelation. She had no idea it would happen.

Many people are still puzzled by the news, wondering what may have triggered Rosa’s strange behavior and what she would do now that she knows the reality.

Secret Camera Captures Something Shocking


Rosa uploaded a video on Tiktok, where it quickly became popular and received millions of views. A text overlay explained what had transpired as video of the young woman showed her appearing shocked and incredulous.

She said she had used sleep-tracking software and was surprised to hear more than snoring.

According to TikTokers, Rosa should report the incident to the authorities and provide supporting documentation since she is not taking her safety seriously enough.

The Unsettling Truth Who Was Behind the Whispers

Rosa pieced together the unusual noises with violent undertones; it seemed like they threatened her and whispered horrible things. “I downloaded an app to hear myself snore at night, but I end up hearing a voice saying hateful things, so I think it’s a ghost and put a camera in my room,” she recalled.

Rosa set up a motion-activated camera in her room to record any odd activity because she thought it might be a ghost or other supernatural entity. Even more horrifying, though, was what she saw on the camera.

The Unexpected Culprit

She watched the video and witnessed her boyfriend’s mother sneaking into her room and whispering these vile things over her. Even though the clip was audio-free, it gave enough background and cause for alarm.

Rosa claims that the woman and her kids resided with her since she was homeless after being recently released from prison and had nowhere else to go.

Since she had always been kind to Rosa, Rosa did not at first suspect the mother of her boyfriend. However, after hearing the whispers for three nights straight, she became anxious.

Footage shared by Tiktok user Rosa. | Source: Enigma

Footage shared by Tiktok user Rosa. | Source: Enigma

Concern from the TikTok Community

Rosa alleged the woman made jealous remarks about her connection with her daughter and muttered things like “You’re so ugly” and “I hate you.”

Many internet users were shocked when Rosa announced that she had decided to keep the finding to herself. She was concerned that discussing it with her family might lead to conflict. The user of TikTok continued, “I don’t want to confront her or anyone because if I do, she’s a petty person and wouldn’t allow me to see the kids anymore.

However, TikTokers have voiced concern that Rosa is not taking her safety seriously enough and should report the incident to the authorities with supporting documentation.

Tiktok user Rosa shows users the spy camera she installed. | Source: Enigma

TikTok user Rosa shows users the spy camera she installed. | Source: Enigma

Woman Finds Humor in Bizarre Situation

Despite the worrying circumstances, TikToker appeared to be having fun online. She even shared a funny video about her boyfriend’s mother and her odd behavior on the hidden camera.

TikTokers were alarmed by Rosa’s apparent lack of interest in the encounter. They all hoped the girl would do something drastic to protect herself.

Rosa pointed out that she shared the humorous video since it relieved her. She also admitted that she followed safety guidelines. They advised Rosa not to consume food made by her boyfriend’s mother, and Rosa concurred: “Somebody said I shouldn’t eat her food. I don’t because I’m scared.”

Tiktok user Rosa. | Source: Enigma

Tiktok user Rosa. | Source: Enigma

Online Comments from Frightened Netizens

The woman’s traumatic experience drew a lot of comments from the online community, and many urged her to file a lawsuit.

Users expressed amazement at the threats and derogatory remarks made by Rosa’s boyfriend’s mother and said she should feel the same way:

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