Sometimes when people enter our life, their significance is not fully appreciated until long later.

Angela Nguyen was among those individuals for a man named Lee Haase.

Since she started working at Domino’s, Angela has delivered countless pizzas. Lee is only one of her many dependable patrons.

Every Saturday, Lee ordered pizza, and Angela delivered it without fail.

However, the orders abruptly halted on Saturday.


Concerned, Angela went to his residence to find out what was wrong.


The damage was evident as soon as Angela arrived. A severe storm had destroyed the majority of Lee’s roof.

Lee was unable to pay for repairs to his home after the hurricane. Additionally, aggravating matters were that at about the same time, his son had also perished in a snowmobile accident.

Lee shifted into a little caravan because he was broke and depressed.

Refused to remain inactive.

Sarah, Angela’s daughter who also delivers pizzas, observed that Lee lived there. She described how dire his circumstances were to her mother.

Lee’s caravan had no electricity, heat, water, or sewage outlet.


Lee’s plight broke Angela’s heart. But she did more than feel bad for him; she also decided to help him.

“I thought we gotta do something. We can’t let a human being live like this,” Angela explains.

One easy step was the beginning of everything. For Lee’s caravan, Angela purchased a heater. Making his life a little simpler began with this action.

After that, Angela launched a fundraising effort. Donations poured in as more people became aware of Lee’s tragic tale.

The advertising effort made $32,360 in just two months. Lee was able to purchase a new mobile home with the money.

Angela claims that she would not have succeeded without the assistance and support of the local population and numerous kind strangers.

The kind of goodness that transforms lives.

“Every single one of us enjoyed doing this. This ain’t all for Lee. We all benefited,” Angela says.

Lee needed someone gentle and kind, and Angela entered his life perfectly.

Lee will always appreciate her for having made it possible for him to regain control of his life.


I find encouragement in reading tales like this in a world when natural disasters, wars, and other atrocities are all too regular.

It only serves to highlight how much better we possess. All we need to do is acknowledge it and use our resources to assist those in need.


Angela is an excellent illustration of how we may assist those less fortunate than us in breaking a cycle of poverty.



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