Tragically, a woman who had been waiting in a hospital for seven hours died. The devastated husband blames the failing healthcare system for the bad news. Allison Holthoff was only 37 years old. On December 31st, 2022, she had a terrible stomach ache. Allison was brought to the hospital with her spouse Gunter. On the route to the ER, her situation got worse. At 11 a.m., they arrived at the Cumberland Reginal Health Care facility in Nova Scotia.

The nurse asked for a urine sample, which Allison provided. Due to her health, Allison needed her spouse to help her. Allison was taken to the bathroom by Gunter, but he was unable to help her, and she collapsed to the ground.

Security rushed in right away, and two guards were gracious enough to help them. They had returned to the waiting.

For Allison, the wait just made the situation worse. She was in so much anguish that even sitting became impossible for her. Gunter claimed that she collapsed on the ground. It is growing worse, I alerted the nurses and the desk clerk a few times, but nothing changed.

The healthcare system fails as patient waits 7 hours before death


The security personnel eventually brought out some blankets and offered us a cup of water, which I used to put some ice on her lips; he continued.

There was nothing Gunter and Allison could do but wait for a doctor. Allison spoke up about how much anguish she was experiencing. “I believe she started saying that she thought she was dying in the waiting room outside,” Gunter remarked. She emphasized it often. I think I’m going to die, she said. “Don’t let me pass away here,”

The couple’s wait was eventually over. Allison finally got a room with a bed after a 7-hour wait. After receiving pain medicine from the doctor, Allison got ready for an x-ray. As Allison struggled to breathe, things started to weaken. Her agitation caused her eyes to close.

Gunter was instructed to wait outside while the healing stick’s range was saturated. A doctor approached the unhappy spouse and informed him that they had unsuccessfully attempted three times to revive Allison.

Additionally, Gunter added that Allison had ample time without enough blood flow. Even if she had survived at that time, he remarked. Her brain and other essential organs went too long without receiving enough blood flow. Gunter expressed his discontent with the healthcare system by saying that it would not have been a life worth living. “We need change; the system is manifestly flawed,” he continues. Or if it hasn’t broken yet, it won’t be long.

There is room for improvement. I want no one else to experience this. He continued, “Unfortunately, we were ignored until they could no longer ignore us. It was simply too late at that time.

Deputy Fire Chief Allison Holthoff, a mother of three, passed away in the hospital after waiting seven hours to see a doctor, the Canadian Border tweeted. Happy new year. We do not deserve this kind of healthcare.

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We were heartbroken to hear about the passing of Allison Holthoff, a mother of three and deputy fire chief, who passed away in the hospital after a seven-hour wait to see a physician.

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