Susan Hickman was out on a stroll one day in the summer of 2014 when she noticed something. She discovered a cracked eggshell on the ground there.

For some reason, Susan chose to stop and check inside to see if there was anything inside before she almost continued walking.

She was shocked to find there was!

Susan peered inside and discovered a chick that had just been born. He had no feathers, and his eyes were shut.

Susan searched the area for a nest but was unable to locate one.


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Susan decided to attempt to save the chick because she knew he wouldn’t live on his own if she left him there.

But raising a young bird is not simple. Susan had to feed the bird every 20 to 30 minutes from dawn to sundown for the first two weeks.

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Although it was a laborious process, Susan persisted. She connected closely with the chick and made sure he was properly nourished by using a little medicine dropper.

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The bird put up a great struggle and made it through the first day.

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Likewise, the following day.

Klinger was given to him immediately by Susan.

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He started to see.

He received ruffles.

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He ultimately developed into a big, regal bird.

That’s quite a change, I’ll tell you!

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Klinger grew to be an important member of the family as he recovered.

In exchange, he gave Susan joy by giving her much love and attention.

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When Klinger reached adulthood, Susan, an animal lover at heart, decided to let him go back into the wild.

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She was also conscious of Klinger’s current domestication, though. He couldn’t survive independently because he wasn’t equipped to live in the wilderness.

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Klinger had to stay with Susan, she determined.

And Klinger doesn’t appear to care in the least.


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