According to official media, an Iranian man known as the “dirtiest man in the world” for going decades without a shower has passed away at 94.
According to the IRNA news agency, Amou Haji, a single man who had not washed in more than 50 years, passed away on Sunday in the hamlet of Dejgah in the southern province of Fars.
Haji avoided taking a shower out of concern that he could “become ill,” according to a local official reported by the news agency.

However, IRNA said that “for the first time a few months ago, locals had brought him to a restroom to wash.”
According to Iranian media sites, a short documentary film called “The Strange Life of Amou Haji” was produced in 2013 on his life.

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For your Knowledge

Amou Haji of Dejgah, Iran, claims that cleanliness causes illness and that his avoidance of bathing is why he’s managed to live to nearly 90 without any significant health problems.
For the record, Haji, who is 87 years old, has not bathed in almost seven decades. However, it’s hard to pin down the exact reason why. According to Times Now News, some locals think he fears water. Others say he believes cleanliness brings illness and remains dirty in pursuing a healthier lifestyle.
Almost all insist Haji endured some adolescent trauma that caused him to seek a life of isolation. ZME Science reports that as a young man, he fell in love with a woman who rejected him.

Whatever the valid reason for his uncleanliness, it seems to suit Haji just fine — as do his myriad other quirks that many of us would find completely revolting.

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Amou Haji’s Stomach-Churning Diet.

Amou Haji is said to eat mostly roadkill as his primary food source. He says that decaying porcupine flesh is his favorite dish.
He has access to fresh food; he doesn’t enjoy it. When people attempt to bring Haji home-cooked food and clean water, Haji supposedly gets irritated.
He nonetheless drinks a gallon of fluids daily to remain hydrated despite his rejection of fresh water. He drinks water from a rusted oil can that he gathers from puddles.

Haji engages in his favorite pleasures, such as puffing on his pipe while smoking animal dung, while he is not eating or drinking. He will settle for tobacco cigarettes if no excrement is available and has been known to smoke up to five at once.

The Bizarre Lifestyle Choices Of The World’s Dirtiest Man

Despite the food and smoke that the locals sometimes give Haji as presents, he chooses to remain private. He mostly sleeps in a hole in the ground and lives just outside the little settlement of Dejgah.

He has an open brick hut that friendly neighbors constructed for him years ago to sleep in when the weather is chilly or rainy. He uses the hut, an ancient army helmet, and layers of the few remnants of his clothes to stay warm during the colder months.
Amou Haji may not take a bath but still values his appearance. He uses an open flame to burn his beard and hair to the right length and periodically checks himself in random automobile mirrors.

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Even while he seems to prefer being alone, he does sometimes seem to feel lonely. Haji has had some natural difficulties meeting new people but has expressed a desire to meet a bride.

According to LADbible, Haji enjoys following politics and discussing the two battles he knows the most—the French and Russian Revolutions. The local government has even said that despite his looks, Haji is a wonderful person to talk to and has denounced troublemakers who insult and stone the hermit.
Haji seems used to the abuse since he has endured it for over 70 years.

Amou Haji’s Shockingly Flourishing Health

Amou Haji is astonishingly healthy, considering she hasn’t had a bath since the 1950s. Doctors in the area who have examined him are astounded that the 87-year-old guy can continue to live such an unclean lifestyle.
According to PopCrush, Dr. Gholamreza Mowlavi, an associate professor of parasitology at the School of public health in Tehran, tested Haji to see whether he had any ailments that required medical attention.
Amou Haji is in excellent health, according to Mowlavi, who conducted tests for everything from hepatitis to AIDS. He has trichinosis, a parasite infection brought on by consuming raw or undercooked meat, as a disease. Thankfully, Haji doesn’t seem to be showing any signs that may endanger his life.

Dr. Mowlavi said that Haji probably has a solid immune system considering he has gone almost seven decades without taking a bath. The dirtiest guy in the world could perhaps be right after all.

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