In your mind’s eye, if I ask you to visualize a bear, you’ll probably see a gorgeous animal coated in fur that dwarfs most other predators on the globe.

Let’s introduce Eve. Her rescuers were not even convinced she was a bear when she was originally discovered. It was challenging to tell that Eve was one of the proudest animals on the earth, given her lack of hair, pink skin, scabs, and loss of dignity.

On Christmas Eve 2017, the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife pulled her from Placer County, California, and she began her journey to recovery.

The juvenile black bear was given a spot at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Centre and the name “Eve” in honor of the day she was discovered. She was discovered to have severe mange and to be smaller than expected due to her lack of nutrition, which had also retarded her growth.


Fortunately for Eve, she received thorough treatment for the lice feeding her skin, and daily bathing began to help her coat recover.

Her growth was still below staff expectations by April, some four months later.

The center posted on Facebook: “We did see fur regrowth on sections of her body during her last exam, but it is very sparse, overall. She still has some crustiness on her cervical and upper thoracic spine area, and oddly, that is where a lot of her fur growth is as well.”

“She has taken to her pools and frequently leaves the water when her caretakers’ approach; she leaves the surrounding area very wet from splashing and playing!”

The recovery

But by July, the mange was almost completely gone, even though Eve was still dealing with skin infections and taking medication.

“There is no doubt, we all want her to be healthy and have the opportunity for a good quality of life,” the center wrote. “Only time will tell us what tomorrow brings, but it is still our fervent wish for her to return to the wild one day.”

The Wildfire Centre ultimately decided that it was preferable for Eve to remain a captive because her lack of fur might have jeopardized her life. This made it impossible to release her, combined with the California wildfires wrapping the State at the end of last year.

All was not, however, horrible for Eve. To guarantee that she has a permanent home, the center has begun to raise money. They said: “We have always been committed to Eve’s care and have always put her best interest foremost, just as we do now. We will continue our commitment and are in the initial stages of preparing Eve for a Forever Home at our sister animal sanctuary, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas.”

“Eve will remain in our care while we work together to raise funds for a state-of-the-art, large habitat that Eve can forever call home. We know it won’t be easy or inexpensive. It already costs us close to $500 weekly to care for her here – bears aren’t cheap house guests; they’ll eat you out of house and home! :-)”

Eve has been given a second opportunity because of some incredibly wonderful people. The transformation, in our opinion, is exceptional!

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